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touchpad is not working
did job just fine
                                                                                                   20-Mar-2015 by Wade Comolli

My computer appears to have been fixed. Thank you
                                                                                                   19-Mar-2015 by D J SLAGOSKI

very happy with all,computer workd better now than when it was new,THANK YOU.
                                                                                                   18-Mar-2015 by James Trusty

Maintenance check; shockwave plug in not working on FB
Aarchi cleaned up all problems on this computer. Thank you for your efficient help. A+ on great work!!
                                                                                                   17-Mar-2015 by JoAnn Nakata

tehs very helpful, very knowledgable. very satisfied
                                                                                                   17-Mar-2015 by john waddell

Paidd $499.99 in Mov for technical service, now paying $499.99 for lifetime security software. I hope the security works longer this tinme
                                                                                                   12-Mar-2015 by craig scott

The service received was excellent, I would recommend this service to my friends and family
                                                                                                   05-Mar-2015 by carolyn Odom

please check with me BEFORE my warranty runs out. PLEASE have techs talk slower. I like your service but everytime I have any contact with a tech it cost me more money. Please check with me regularly...not when warranty runs out and my security is low. Tech did not have the correct security code so he gave me his number to call to verify he is a tech. didnt like giving you my bank information.
                                                                                                   27-Feb-2015 by Michele Zlotkin

I am very happy with the fast service. I would recommend them to my friends.
                                                                                                   25-Feb-2015 by Michael Pitman

good service,unfair to gharge 199.99 again for ptot.after paying last year
                                                                                                   25-Feb-2015 by gary n TOLAR

No Words Wavering/Errors.
All the team at TechSaviours are very capable technicians, and patient. They Serve Me Well. They care about my computer situation and help me. VERY GOOD JOB!
                                                                                                   24-Feb-2015 by Douglas J. Berry

I am satisfied with the Help I got from your staff
                                                                                                   24-Feb-2015 by William Frey

The service was very good. The technician was competent and easy to work with. I would definitely call again.
                                                                                                   18-Feb-2015 by Gordon C. Couillard

Feedback For technical support serices
Service was provided to tune up mi Network applications and was successful.
                                                                                                   18-Feb-2015 by Don Allen

Tech Support
Very good.
                                                                                                   17-Feb-2015 by virginia Karen Bowman

Service was satisfactory. I think that the service provided should take care of us. I certainly hope that the protections installed will keep the computers safe. I feel condiment that the service techs know what they are doing and are quite competent. They also seem to be very tech savy.
                                                                                                   14-Feb-2015 by Charles E. Mayhew

Thank you, Harry, so much for straightening out my computer. I needed service I did not know existed. It was worth every penny to have my computer back and your service was very professional. Thank you again.
                                                                                                   13-Feb-2015 by Irene Hutchinson

After two days of being on the phone with about four different people helping me with my computer problem,,,, I found each and every one to be kind , thoughtful and happy to help. Thanks to all.
                                                                                                   13-Feb-2015 by JoAnne Carnline

Hi Sam I appreciate all you done for me to clear all my mess you did a excellent work Thank you so much
                                                                                                   13-Feb-2015 by Eszter Kardos

Feedback For services
I am satisfied with the job that has been done!
                                                                                                   13-Feb-2015 by Shirley M Greenc

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touchpad is not working- did job just fine

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