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Dell was founded by Michael Dell in May 1984. The company manufactures and sells personal computers, laptops and other computer related products and services and is said to be the third largest PC vendor in the world, after HP and Lenevo.

Dell laptops and computers are indeed a popular choice, especially in offices worldwide; however the company is known to have major issues with its customer service. For years now, Dell has been constantly trying to invest more money and manpower in making better its customer service but has yet not lived up to customers expectations. Dell’s customers suffer due to the long wait times on complaint calls and slow response by the company for issues and grievances made.

As is the case with most machines, Dell computers and laptops throw up a host of problems during installation, up gradation, software installation, or day to day functioning, and to wait in line on a telephone call to the company’s customer service department in the middle of a technical crisis can be exasperating to say the least.
Techsaviours has a team of trained technicians who are capable of handling any issues that you may be facing with your Dell product.

Our team at Techsaviours can also help you to configure your newly purchased Dell machine and install all required software. Techsaviours technicians have a thorough understanding of software compatibility with almost all brands of computers and laptops and can advice you accordingly.

We at Techsaviours can assist by:

• Sourcing and helping to pick a suitable model of computer or laptop from the Dell product line.
• Configuring your Dell computer/laptop as per your requirements.
• Troubleshooting and resolving of software and other errors.
• Fixing the issues of slowness and/or crashing.
• Providing assistance and advice on purchasing best available software and anti-virus products for your Dell computer.
• Helping to install purchased software on your Dell machine.
• Timely servicing of your Dell machine.
• Eliminating long waits for technical assistance and providing immediate help for any technical problems with your Dell computer.
• Complete and comprehensive Support for all models and versions of Dell computers and laptops.

For any kind of support or assistance on Dell computers or laptops, please feel free to reach our team at Techsaviours via phone or email and we will be pleased to offer immediate help.

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