Do's and Don'ts of PC Maintenance

Computers form the backbone of pretty much every industry. Especially in today’s times with the advent of the internet and enhanced technology, almost every businessman or working individual relies on his loyal computer for information and documentation.

However, be it a desktop, laptop or tablet, the computer is after all a machine and will give best results only if it is handled well, serviced regularly and backed up occasionally.

This article lists out a few must do’s and absolute don’ts that must always be kept in mind while using a computer. These thumb rules are essential to computer maintenance and are crucial for extending its life.


• Clean your machine externally with a soft dry cloth at least twice a week. Make sure you wipe the monitor; keyboard and mouse pad and keep it free from dust.

• Always shut your computer when cleaning it.

• Press the keys gently. They are responsive to a mild tap unlike the typewriter’s keys which need a harder hit. Banging on a computer keyboard will jam the keys or probably result in them coming off.

• Contract with a computer maintenance company for regular servicing or for fixing and repairing. Opt for an online computer repair service. It is faster, more convenient and available almost 24 hours a day.

• Keep your machine in a cool environment. Preferably in a temperature between 5 and 35 degrees centigrade.

• Ensure that all your data is backed up. Even the best of machines can suddenly give way and all your data will be lost.

• Invest in appropriate anti-virus software and make sure it is updated every year. The worst thing that could hit your computer is an online virus.


• Try fixing large errors that are beyond your understanding. You might end up creating more trouble. If you do not have an IT team in place or do not want to wait for an engineer to come to your help, avail of online computer repair. You will get immediate help.

• Overcharge your laptop or tablet. It can damage your battery.

• Eat or drink near the machine. Anything that spills will leave a sticky residue and may also attract ants. Water and other liquids may also eventually damage the machine.

• Put it off directly from the main switch, especially in the case of laptops and PC’s. Either put it on ‘hibernate’ or give a ‘shut down’ command first and then put off the switch. If not shut down properly, you could end up losing important data.

• Use unknown USB’s or Pen drives. They may contain a virus that will destroy your machine completely.

Computers are mostly user friendly and if handled well can perform tasks at a good speed and with efficiency. However if you do not follow basic care rules, your computer, like other machines will give way and you could end up losing some very important data.

So remember to keep your machine clean, service it regularly and if something breaks down, use online computer repair services or contact a computer technician and make sure it is fixed right away.

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