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Considering the current business scenario, small and medium size enterprises leverage technology as much as their larger counterparts. In fact, smaller businesses are expected to be a lot more responsive and hands on with respect to the use of technology with an aim to remain competitive and sustain oneself in the local markets against more established and larger competition.

Small businesses find it rather challenging to invest in a full-fledged IT support team. Ask yourself the following questions to assess whether or not your business can afford build an in house tech support team.

Q1. Do you have sufficient space for the personnel, back systems and data?

Q2. Do you have sufficient resources to monitor significant tasks such as regular backups?

Q3. Do you have the resources to add staff in the future? For your Non-IT staff, will you need additional PCs, printers and devices to support operations?

Q4. Are you leveraging mobile technology and remote connections for your people on the road?

Q5. Do you have the resources to adopt and maintain new technologies such as tablets, mobile applications and cloud computing technology to enhance business productivity?

Q6. How regularly does your business need help and support for their IT requirements?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you will be able to assess your needs for a well equipped tech support. A growing number of business owners are looking at partnering with online tech support providers who offer remote help via the internet to ensure continuous and smooth running of your IT systems.

1. What are your current and future needs?

While you are selecting a tech support company you need to first asses the existing and future IT needs. Will you be increasing the use of your website? Are you planning to install a new ERP software? How will your salespeople access your systems from remote locations? Make a comprehensive list of all the IT requirements that you have and identify a service provider who is able t meet your expectations.

2. Identify your Trouble Areas

Review your last operational year and identify the type of IT issues that you have frequently faced. Do you continuously face issues with your network or system performance? Have you lost data due to outages? Are you concerned about how secure your system is? Make a list of these problems and discuss them with support companies to understand how they plan on addressing them.

3. Verify Certification

It is important that you partner with online tech support partners who are certified in catering to your needs. If your office is equipped with Microsoft products, then hire the services of a support company that employs Microsoft certified technicians. Make similar considerations for your network devices, software applications and databases.

In addition to this, make sure your support partner is easily contactable and responsive. Go through their privacy policy and check with other business associates for recommendations on reputed service providers. With a basic background check and preliminary interaction you will be able to identify the ideal support partner for your business.

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