How to keep spam out of your Inbox

Hotmail is a free web based email service by Microsoft. Rooted with a range of advanced features like Office Web Apps integration, conversation threading, sweeping, quick views, one click filters etc. Hotmail is one of first web based e-mail services. Millions of e-mail users across the world are using Hotmail accounts.

Fighting Spam Mails

Spam is any sort of email that you do not want and that you did not sign up to accept. Some spam is annoying but harmless, but some could result in identity theft scams or any other kind of fraudulent consequences that can prove to be quite a menace.

While Microsoft has been able to develop various procedures, policies and adopted numerous industry best practices to help guard the consumers from foul, useless or hateful email; the following points emphasize largely on how you too can help reduce spam email-


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Make use of email software with built-in spam filtering

Ask your Online Hotmail Support provider to help install a filter that helps lessen unwanted email. It can be built into Microsoft email programs and be turned on by default.

Add People you know and Block Unwanted Senders

This helps filter unwanted email into the Junk folder and to deliver email that you want into your Inbox. If a person or company that you have added sends out a newsletter and you no longer want to receive newsletters from them you can unsubscribe them you’re your Hotmail inbox.

1.Report Junk Mail

Report your mail if you receive something that looks spam or a phishing scam.

2.Disclose your email address only with people you know

Avoid disclosing your email address on your social networking profiles and in large Internet directories

3.Ignore junk email or IM

Do not reply to spam even to unsubscribe or buy anything from an unfamiliar business or give to any ‘charity’ you do not know by reputation or even agree to hold or transfer money for anyone.

4.Look for pre-checked boxes

When you shop online, marketers sometimes pre-select check boxes that signify you have agreed to give your email address to responsible parties. Be cautious about when to subscribe to email newsletters and what kind of email messages you are willing to receive.

5.Read the Privacy Policy

When you sign up for web-based services such as banking, shopping, or newsletters, vigilantly read the privacy policy before you disclose your email address so that you do not unwillingly agree to share confidential information.

6.Disguise your Email Address

Ask your online Hotmail Support Team to help you disguise your email address. When you post to a message board, newsgroup, chat room or any other public web page, always spell out your entire email address so that it is not reflected the automated programs the spammers use.

7.Improve your Computer’s Security

You can lessen your risk from hackers, viruses and worms if you use a firewall, install antivirus and antispyware software updated. Your Online Hotmail Support Service provider will be able to help you install the same.

Senders trying to send email to Hotmail users should make sure they totally understand and are following the guidance help avoid probable deliverability issues.

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