Linking Hotmail and Gmail Accounts

The old but globally connected hotmail account that is essential enough to still keep activated would be a great deal more convenient if it could somehow work inside the Gmail account. But that is similar to wishing for a unicorn as a birthday present, it is just not a possible feat.

However, somebody out there heard your prayers within the Hotmail live support team and today it is possible to read your Microsoft emails inside a Gmail account as well. You can even send and receive mails using Gmail but still under the MSN or Hotmail tag. Here is a guide how-

Step 1: Enable Your Hotmail Account from Gmail

What you first need to do is open your Gmail account and look for the Settings feature.  Select the Accounts tab under there and choose the “Add a mail account you own” option.

Step 2: The Intricate Details

In the following screen enter your Hotmail or Live address in the given field and continue by clicking next step. The following section is where you will have to enter the correct settings to ensure the connections work properly. You will be asked to enter details such as the username and password for the Windows Live account.

Step 3: Setting Up the Account

You can check the option that always uses a secure connection when retrieving mail or even leave a copy on the server and archive all the incoming mails depending on your personal preference. If you wish to have the original copy in the Hotmail account as well instead of transferring it, make sure you check the option “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. Finally, add your account once you are satisfied with the fine details.

Step 4: Sending and Receiving Mails with Your Hotmail Identity

You will now come to the option that asks if you wish to send mail as your Hotmail user. Once you select that option, continue with the “next step”.

Make sure you verify or make the necessary edits to the name and email ID. You can even consider having your replies delivered to another account by changing the Reply-to address.

Step 5: The Last Leg

Gmail will then send a mail to verify the credibility of the account to your Microsoft ID. Once you enter the verification code, you are all done and ready to use the modified account.

The above Hotmail email support tips will let you access your hotmail mails in the Gmail account instead of opening every page separately.

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