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Your computer connects you to people spread across nations, does away with paper work, and provides information in a click and so far and so forth. But all said and done, one thing that keeps your digitalised world at risk is the viruses, malwares, Trojans and spywares that destroy data. A recent study shows that of those whose systems were attacked by an antivirus, 39 % have seen major disruption to the system.

CA Antivirus Software -

A global leader in anti crime ware solutions and malware detection, their products and services cater to 50000 businesses across industries globally and four million consumers worldwide.

CA antivirus solutions now known as Total Defense include antivirus, anti malware and parental controls, intrusion prevention, mobile security, online back up and PC optimisation.

Products Offered -

Total Defense Antivirus, Total Defense Internet Security Suite, Total Defense PC tune up, Total Defense Mobile security and Total Defense Online Back up

As a global leader in cloud security we at Techsaviours find it as a privilege in rendering Support For CA Antivirus to meet all the computer security requirements of businesses and consumers.

What we offer-

  1.     With your purchase of CA antivirus our service gets initiated through installation of antivirus.
  2.     If your computer turns dysfunctional on account of virus attack, our Support For CA Antivirus team shall be at your service in providing you prompt service.
  3.     With the advent of online advertising, spywares have become a sort of unwanted visitor to your computer attacking thousands of your files, pulling down your system performance; our technical team has sound expertise in dealing with such spywares and keeping your system up and running.
  4.     Your system is 24/7 connected to the network, firewalls are important to safeguard against unwanted software’s that hijack your computer through unauthorised access.
  5.     Our support is not just restricted to installation of the antivirus; we have a full fledged system in place that looks in to the after sales service which involves assistance in regular updates of the software.
  6.     In any case if you are not satisfied with the antivirus support you can take our assistance in uninstalling the software.

Why us?

There are many technology support companies around, what separates us from the rest is our relentless effort in rendering class a part service.

Four reasons why you should choose us?

  1.     We have a reputation of resolving antivirus problem 95% of the instances on the very first call customers make to us, such high standards are unparalleled across the industry in which we work.
  2.     Even if you are located miles away from us we can offer real time support with remote assistance.
  3.     Our online computer support comes at competitive rates which is as good as any service provider in the industry.
  4.     We have a team of Microsoft certified engineers who will give you professional support.

So what keeps you waiting, please call us or write to us and we will be at your doorstep in delivering service to make sure your system is not compromised.

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