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Hotmail was one of the first email services founded and developed by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. They successfully launched it in the year 1996 as “HoTMaiL”. In the year 1997, Microsoft acquired it for almost $400 million and later re-branded it as “MSN Hotmail”. It is now officially known as Microsoft Hotmail. Today, all the operations are part of Windows Live. The current version of Hotmail was released in the year 2011.

This email provider was the first among the lot and is one of the most popular email-client among users. Hotmail now, shares the market with Gmail followed by Yahoo and a few other smaller players.

The best advantage provided by Hotmail is its versatility due to the fact that it is available in different languages. This makes it possible for internet users from all over the world to make the most of its email features.

It is one of the easiest email interfaces to use and comprehend. The functionalities are self explanatory. It is a proud owner of 324 million users all round the globe as per the data provided by comScore (June 2012).

Hotmail’s storage capacity is 5GB which is expandable as per requirement. There are great features attached to this email provider like calendar, contacts, security measures and Ajax technology. The best feature is its integration with Windows Live Messenger. It also supports other browsers like Safari, Mozilla FirFox and Internet Explorer. There were additions to its features which was clearly a re-invention of Hotmail. Features like categories, instant action and scheduled sweep changed the look of Hotmail.

The latest update with launch of will change the email world for Microsoft. Users will be able to keep their old email ids along with all their current contacts, settings and messages. This would be exported safely by Microsoft without any loss of data. All users of Microsoft Hotmail and other email services operating under various domains will be automatically converted into

Features supported in Outlook:

  • Ability to send heavier files. One will be able to mail about 100 photos at a time.
  • Automatic updation of contacts by sourcing them from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Cut down on advertisements to make it more user-friendly.

With all the facilities provided like rich text formatting, virus scanning, contact grouping, spam filtering and other security feature there is a possibility of some technical issue.

We at Techsaviours have a professional team who can cater to such needs and provide error free solutions.

They are well qualified and professional to resolve technical queries and provide you comprehensive Hotmail Support.

Our experts can provide below mentioned services.

  • Hotmail SMTP and POP3 configuration
  • Assist in setting multiple accounts with different clients
  • Troubleshooting and providing security assistance
  • Navigation for usage of available features
  • Resolving mail client issues
  • Securing PC from malware and spam.
  • Assisting in using new updated versions
  • Assisting in Hotmail plug-ins.
  • Supporting in organizing different folders and files.

Our Team can be contacted via phone or email and are available 24*7.  We will be happy to help for Hotmail support solutions.

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