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When you run your businesses on your computers you also run the risk of welcoming unwanted guests like viruses, malware, Trojans et al through the networks involved. A malicious malware attack can cost your business irrecoverable loss of data plus the cost of installing new systems affected by such hardware. Surveys show that businesses across the world succumb to this risk, in spite of having essential safeguards at place.

We at Techsaviours have complete expertise to deliver antivirus solutions in a hassle free, consistent and impeccable manner through one of the trusted and respected product, McAfee Antivirus.

McAfee, is an American company founded in United States in 1987 is now a global company with products and services that offer security tools for your computer that keeps it away from the hazards of malware and virus attack.

Why we recommend McAfee Antivirus?

  • Pioneers of antivirus and anti spam systems.
  • Boosts your computer performance as the product comes with add – on like Boost Kit which enhances the speed of your computer unlike many antiviruses which pull down the system performance.

Customer segment –

For Businesses- they provide comprehensive security package including network security, cloud security, database security and data protection.

Some of the products offered in this segment- McAfee Network Security Platform, McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint –Enterprise Edition, and McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management

For Consumers-

Products offered include McAfee All Access, McAfee Total

Protection, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Antivirus Plus. McAfee antivirus services are extended to mobile security for Android Tabs and other smart phones.

We believe in delivering an unparalleled consumer experience on the purchase of McAfee antivirus, at Techsaviours Support for McAfee comes with following services -

  1.     Installing and updating of software on your computer for the first time might look like a tough task; we at Tech Saviours will provide you necessary support that makes your buying experience pleasant.
  2.     Assisting in upgrades on periodic basis; be it online support or offline support, our technicians will make sure that your system remains updated on weekly basis and unscathed of virus intrusions.
  3.     Trouble shooting antivirus, as and when it goes out of service.
  4.     Renewal of product on its expiry is no more a time consuming process, you can renew your package over a phone call or email request.
  5.      At any point while using the product, you are dissatisfied with it and want to discontinue it, you can avail our assistance in uninstalling it.
  6.     Providing real time solutions with 24/7 customer service through online remote access which enables us in giving prompt service.

With the purchase of antivirus you are not just restricted to McAfee support, our service is extended beyond the above services. Here it is-

Ø   Optimising user experience by ensuring performance through regular check on connectivity on the network, updating the drivers, protecting your browsers and hardware, thereby ensuring your system performance remains greasy all the time.

So what’s there to think about? Pick up your phone or drop a mail to our e-mail id to get the best technical support in town.

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