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The history of Opera as a web browser started in the year 1994 as a research project in Telenor, one of the largest telecommunication companies. In the year 1995 this project branched out into a separate and distinguished company called Opera Software ASA. Its first public version was released in 1996. There have been continuous improvements and upgradation since then.

Till date there have been about 11 versions of Opera publicly available in the market. Its finest upgrade was 12.02. This version was released in August 2012 and it comes with a lot of stability and security upgrades. This browser works the best on a Windows 2000 OS.

It also has the potential of bugfixes. The latest update being 12.15 released on May 28, 2013 it has universal features like bookmarks and is made available for Windows and Mac computers. Few more advanced features are yet to be released.

Opera for Smartphones

This web browser broke almost all the conventions by introducing ‘Opera mini browser’ version for mobile phones. This was ideal for small screens and devices having limited memory. It became a default web browser for several handsets and hence was integrated in the phones. This has grown to become the world’s most popular web browser for mobile phones because of its supported features.

Opera for Gaming Enthusiasts

Opera being the only commercial browser for Ninetendo DS and Wii gaming sytems,  enjoys a monopoly in the the word of gaming. However it comes with a drawback of website compatibility which is expected to be taken care of in the upcoming versions. Ongoing inititives for research and website testing by the developers to make it the most compatible and finest product are underway.

Installation of this browser is easy and self explanatory. However, at times there can be few technical issues while downloading the content. We at Techsaviours can help with such issues. We have a well qualified and trained team who can provide the best solution in the easiest possible way. This can be solved via phone or via email.

We have a team who can guide you about the latest updates and support in installing the newest version of Opera. Any operational help required, Techsaviours team would be prompt in providing a relevant solution. We will help in assisting you for better performance, speed and higher security.

Assistance Offered by Techsaviours:

  •     Advising and assisting to solve website compatibility issues
  •     Providing additional Opera support and features realted to it
  •     Guiding step by step assistance in easy installation
  •     Guiding and training in usage of the browser and prvoviding information about its features and techicalities.
  •     Helping in choosing the correct version as per the requirements.
  •     Resolving issues of software errors and troubleshooting in cases required.
  •     Fixing crashing issues and providing solutions for increased speed and accuracy.
  •     Providing assistance and guidance on security related issues
  •     In case of switching to a new browser, providing assistance for its installation and downloading other essentials
  •     Providing a comprehensive assistance for Opera browser

Techsaviours team are available 24*7 to provide assisatnce related to all the issues mentioned above. Kindly feel free to contact for any assistance. Our team will be happy to serve.

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