Tips against Computer Virus

One can go through a devastating experience if its computer gets infected with a virus. Protection of computer from viruses is therefore, essential. A virus is capable of consuming precious files and data and can also damage hardware.

Guide to protect your system against Virus.

Educate yourself about Viruses: Before installing anti virus its essential to have a basic knowledge about its usage. One should be able to answer questions like how to procure an anti-virus? What is a virus and how can it damage a system? What is the basic difference between virus, adware, malware and spyware? Consequenses of not protecting computer against virus?. After having answers to all these questions, importanve of anti-virus will be well-understood.

Use the Best Anti-virus Software that suits your Needs: Depending on various factors such as downloading files, opening suspicious websites and E-mail attachments, anti-virus can be installed accordingly. If you don’t have any protection against virus, you will get it within first few hours of operating your system.

Continuous Updates: Installing a programmer that can protect your system is a great idea and good measure of protection. If there is no correct and timely update on the status of the virus, programme is not very effective. Viruses are produced on daily basis and hence we need to have a constant check on their definitions to prevent damage. With these updates we will be able to stay ahead and ensure timely virus removal. Most programmers can provide automated updates unless the option is turned off. This should be checked on regular bases.

Refrain from Downloading Foreign Material: While surfing the internet avoid websites that contain free screensaver  illegal software downloads, cracks, serials or explicit references. Going close to these sites means immediately inviting virus trouble. Stay away from websites which have information written in foreign language and you are not able to comprehend. There is a high possibility of virus floating in it. Protect yourself from such websites.

Settings needs to be Changed: If you deal with extremely confidential and crucial data, setting for E-mails can be changed to protect them by receiving only text E-mails as virus cannot travel through them. One can also disable the option to open email attachments. This is the best way to protect your system from virus that travels through HTML enabled emails and file attachments.
Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing: This is usually done for file sharing programmes such as, Bearshare, Torrents, Gnutella, Morpheus and Limewire. While downloading such files you are not aware of what is getting transferred till it is on your computer. While sharing files from a pendrive or a cd, transfer of virus is a high possibility.

Protecting a computer from such virus is very important. This can be avoided by running the file in a different and anti-virus protected system.
Firewall Protection: Ensure you have a firewall enabled computer. One can install a third party firewall programmer for protection. Navigate on control panel and settings for activating it.
People often try to install multiple anti-virus programmers. Installing more than one can cause a problem. You can install one virus removal programmed at a time.
Spending on virus protection to avoid loss and damage of crucial data is worth the amount spent. Since we believe in “prevention is better than cure”, protecting computer from virus should be followed.

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